Entry #1

the portals...

2016-06-12 17:12:05 by PurePropalm

Jettix is a good artist and i know this is self endorsement but i think my stuff is good too... not my art my art is crap. But my music and stuff its ok, nothing compared to Jettix's art tho. But i mean hes got allot of views and rating and stuff and he still isnt in the art portal and i just feel like the system is good but its... too good. Not enough good artists and music makers (not nessesaraly me) get in the portals and i feel like they should so to start anyone who sees this go and check out Jettix and his awesome art and whatever.


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2016-06-12 22:42:49

I thought you were gonna point out just how degenerate the movie portal has become. I know it's not just me...

PurePropalm responds:

Yeah XP